And by Doom, I mean that I wanted to eat it all.

And by Modification, I mean that this is not my recipe, but my version of the Guilt-Free “Ice Cream” found here:

Best thing about it? No dairy and no added sugar.



  • 3-4 Fresh Bananas -make sure they are ready-to-eat and not too ripe, unless you really really REALLY love the overpowering flavor of banana in your ice cream.
  • 1/4 cup Almond Milk -or whatever you’d like.. soy, dairy milk, cream, etc. I added it to the recipe to dilute some of the banana taste and make the ice cream a bit smoother.

Flavoring ~ choose your own adventure, but here’s mine:

  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract – what the original recipe was desperately missing. I make my own Madagascar Bourbon-based vanilla, but you can skip it or use mint, cinnamon, a combination or anything your ice cream lovin heart desires.
  • 1 heaping spoon full of Peanut Butter – I originally tried this with almond butter, but in the end liked good ‘ol PB best.
  • 2-3 tsp Cocoa Powder – I’m a choco-holic.

Bonus ~ post ice cream additions:

  • Chocolate chips and fresh berries on top!!! So I happened to have them sitting in the fridge. I loved it.


1. Peeeeeeel the bananas!

2. Sliiiice the bananas!!! Slice them to about a quarter inch thick.

3. Bag and Freeeeeeeeze the bananas!!!

My first attempt of this involved some impatience because of the excitement over having found the original recipe. 2 hours in the freezer is NOT enough, poking the banana through the freezer baggie still gave a little squish, but closer to 4 hours seemed to do the trick.

4. Get your food processor ready. It takes some time to make magic, but a blender will take even longer.

Please note that some processors handle liquid better than others. If you’re using a smaller 4-cup processor, you might have a mess on your hands once you release the container from the machine. The cream can get up under the blade cylinder.

5. Break up the frozen bananas from each other, throw into the processor. Add a splash of your Almond milk to help the process go smoother and faster. Then chop and puree away!

6. Stop every once in awhile to spatula the stubborn banana chunks down toward the blades.

7. Once the base seems to smooth itself out more, add the cocoa. Do this first, otherwise the powder will poof up and get stuck in the lid and not really mix in. Pour the rest of the Almond milk over the cocoa areas, then spoon your peanut butter into it.

8. Replace lid and puree more. Stop and spatula when needed and spin til the consistency is smooth throughout.

9. Scoop out, add toppings if desired, CONSUME!!



Ha! As if…

Store leftovers in freezer safe container for later. When you pull it out, expect to leave it sitting out for a few minutes before you can scoop it. Be patient, soooo worth it.


I promise to take pictures the next time I make it. I was too excited before.

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© 2015 Amanda K. Camino, All Rights Reserved.

© 2015 Amanda K. Camino, All Rights Reserved.